ASRX Welcomes Brooke Wells

We are now proud and excited to announce our newest addition to the ASRX team of athletes...

Brooke Wells, an individual whose athletic ability is only rivaled by her amazing personality and attitude.

We had our first meeting with Brooke at her home gym, CrossFit Fringe, in Columbia MO. She is presently a student at the University of Missouri and met with us even though it was finals week. Despite the stress of having to take several tests and the added pressure of Regionals coming up, Brooke was still more than ready to not only do a photo shoot, video shoot, and interview with us, but also had more than enough energy to do three Regionals WODS on the same day.

We did one of the workouts with her and she proceeded to effortlessly destroy us.

Our Head of Product and Marketing, Chase, is still sore and has done a fair amount of research on rhabdomyolysis ever since :)

"I'm really excited to be with one of the core brands in CrossFit! It's cool to be part of a team that understands the community like ASRX!"

Along with the many other changes we have implemented over the past several months,  we are so excited to be workIng to revamp our athlete program and strategy. We have always looked at our athletes as family and intend to do even more to support them now that the bulk of our brands revamp and product line has been executed.

We have no doubt that Brooke and the rest of our athletes are going to have a massive impact in the community both on and off the competition floor, and we couldn’t be more excited and humbled to have them all representing us.

To all of our athletes, thank you for your support, you are what makes ASRX a great brand.

ASRX Athlete Roster:

Brooke Wells

Wes Piatt

Christian Lucero

Jessica Lucero

Bjork Odinsdottir

Keston Mendoza

Blaine McConnell

Tommy Pease

Zach Baker

Jeff Prejean

Taylor Graham

Julianna Hasselbach

Connor Martin

Camzin Martin

Keegan Martin

Duncan Martin

Tristan Hoffman

Nikolai Kaganovitch

Jake Cutting

Christopher Brunettin

Alex Baronich

Rita Benavidez

Nicole Zapoli

Maddy Curley

Logan Farr

Jackie Kastelic

Ryan Chavez

Haley Scornaienchi

Jenn Bowman

Cindy Hill

Odette Fuentes

Taryn Pascal

Edward Gribbins

Frankie Madero

Manuel Alvarado

Emily Doherty

Mary Azzinaro Banks

ASRX Pro SpikeBall Team: Marcus Dedina, Chase Novelich, Hank Ford, Jeff Pereira

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