Haley Scornaienchi is #PinkRedefined

Just like everyone else in the world we end up spending multiple hours sucked into the portal we call Instagram. Somewhere between multiple PR videos and reading comments on CrossFit's official Instagram page we stumbled across Haley Scornaienchi. We clicked the follow button and so we began to be inspired. The mix of amazing photography along with her uplifting spirit is truly amazing to follow. 

A few month's went by and at the CrossFit Games in 2015 Haley made her way into our booth to purchase some apparel. The personal connection was made and she became an official ASRX Brand Ambassador. We are extremely proud to have this strong woman as part of the brand, and when we started deciding who we wanted to talk to about the #PinkRedefined campaign she was a sure target. 

We caught up with her and this is what she had to say...

1. What do you think CrossFit has done to change the the public's view on beauty?

I believe, people (especially women) are starting to realize what their bodies are capable of, rather than what they can "look like." That's exactly what CrossFit did for me a year ago; changed my view on what we should look like to what our bodies are made to do.

2. What changes have you personally seen in females who have started CrossFitting at your gym?

They get more and more into it everyday they come. From wanting to learn a new mobility technique to working more on a gymnastic skill they never thought they could do, to hitting a higher number on a lift.

3. What do you think the future holds for young females that are getting into CrossFit?

To rule the world. ;) jkjkjk. I think the typical image society (preferably young women) has will start to dwindle away from "how skinny can you be", "how many calories can you lose", "the perfect body" etc., and have a realistic image that women CAN and ARE as strong as men.

4. What goals do you have personally when it comes to changing the public's view on women?

Whenever I post on social media, I just like to show what I think is fun and show improvements and also of course when I do miss lifts or it wasn't a perfect day of training. I realize that I actually am inspiring young woman because I've had numerous messages from girls starting crossfit and asking me questions, and telling me I inspire them. I honestly didn't think I was doing that, but it's a really good feeling to know you are inspiring others and it's a big factor that motivates myself.

5. Who is a female that inspires you and why?

Jackie Perez. She cracks me up because we think so much alike. We both train hard, but we both fall off the trail with our eating cravings; HARD, but know we both know what it takes to get back into it. She inspires me because she's just trying to better herself everyday, and still knows how to have fun and doesn't completely let CrossFit consume her life.

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