9 Reasons ASRX Products Make the Perfect Holiday Gift

Have you been stressing over what to get your CrossFitting friend for Holidays? Maybe you don't know that much about CrossFit (other than what they tell you 24/7), or maybe it is with so many products on the market you just cannot decide. We are here to help fix the situation and offer some suggestions along the way. Here is a list of reasons that ASRX products make the perfect holiday gift.

1. Our headbands are made from stretch fabric and work perfectly as a muzzle when your CrossFit friends won’t stop talking about their GAINZ


2. A lot of our shirts have inspiring quotes on them which will allow your CrossFit friend to kill two birds with one stone by being able to post a selfie AND and inspiring quote on their instagram all in one post! #MotivationMonday #MotivateTheWorld #MotivateMyCat #MotivateMotivation #Motivated

3. You don’t have to consume our product, which means you won’t accidentally offend your CrossFit friend by getting them the WRONG protein companies magic muscle powder hence throwing them into a fit of holiday rage on how you don’t support their goals to get the the “Games” 

4. Because it’s paleo

5. Because stuffing a pair of Reebok Nano’s into a stocking seems backwards and wrong.

6. Because we are a two man operation and could really use the money for beer… err…we mean egg nog…err… SH*T, still not paleo… Water?

7. Because it’s a scientific fact that every person on the planet loves tee shirts… everyone.

8. Because you can’t fit a Rogue Rig under the tree and bumper plates are hard to wrap. 

9. Your friend most likely hates Cardio. However, if they have to do it, they do it with a barbell.


 Hopefully this has helped. See what's new at ASRX here.

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