California Invasion: Rally to Fight Big Soda

As some may know our team at ASRX often times is commissioned by CrossFit HQ to design propaganda artwork, and the most recent job for them was to design the California Invasion Tour image for CrossFit’s rally to fight Big Soda. This particular design was one of my favorite projects to work on for three reason. The first was because I felt that it was for a great cause, the second was because the design we came up with with based on a bad ass old school Iron Maiden tour shirt, and the third was because I was invited to go along with them on the tour. 

While on tour I was able to really understand why CrossFit is going after Big Soda and Coca Cola specifically. It really came down to three reasons that are explained in the video below.

 I also encourage anyone that has any interest in this subject to watch That Sugar Film. 

I wanted to say thank you to the CFHQ staff for letting me join them and hope that when it comes time for the politicians to make a decision they choose what is right for the citizens they represent.

- Marcus 'Badger' Dedina

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