Catching Up with #ASRXAthlete Wes Piatt


Favorite WOD:

None! They are all so horrible... But if I had to choose it would be any Hero WOD. 

Fran Time: 


Favorite Food (Paleo):

Breakfast! Eggs, bacon, potatoes

Favorite Food (Non Paleo):

In and Out!

Favorite TV Show:

Modern Family 

Favorite Movie:

Grandmas Boy

Favorite Musician/Band:

Every Time I Die


Short Bio/Past Accomplishments:

I grew up in San Luis Obispo, Ca.  Played football and baseball, surfed, snowboarded, climbed growing up.  After high school I moved to San Diego for a year where I worked at Pita Pit, surfed some more and partied way too much! My best friend Andy at the time was going through buds for the Navy Seals. On the weekends he would come over with his buddies from buds and party at my place.

I saw how close those guys were with one another, how much they loved the military and talked in depth (usually a few beers deep) with many of them about why serving their country was so important to them. I left SD, moved back home, walked into a recruiters office and signed up for the Air Force. I spent 4 years in active duty, with 2 deployments overseas.  On my last deployment in 2009 I found CrossFit with my buddy Salinas.  I did the "Filthy Fifty" and never looked back!

I was on the CrossFit Inferno team at the SoCal Regionals in 2011 and 2012, then competed individually in 2013 where I took 3rd and went to games. I Moved to Gilroy, California in late 2013 with my Wife Megan and opened Coast Range CrossFit.  At the time I was a Firefighter for the City of Pismo Beach and was making the trips back and forth for my shifts. 

In 2014 I put firefighting to the side to run Coast Range and compete full time.  

I took 4th at the NorCal regionals in 2014 and 10th in the California Regionals in 2015 and am looking to get back on that podium in 2016 as well as send a team to regionals from Coast Range this year! 


How has your background prior to competing in CrossFit helped you on the competition floor?

My family has been through rough times growing up that really helped shape who I am now. We were never handed anything.  My mother raised us on her own as a waitress, scraping by week to week.  We were proud that we didn't have a huge house and our mother worked so hard! She made sure presents were under the tree on Christmas and we lived normal lives growing up, even though it meant her having to ride her bike to work every day rather than driving. Working overtime or two jobs and never complaining ONE SECOND! It was just what had to be done, so she did it!  I learned what hard work (true hard work) was from my mom and sister! They are my heroes and why I work so hard for everything now.

I joined the military because I knew it was my duty to give back something to this amazing country, the same way mom lived so selflessly giving back to us.  Going through the military is where I learned that selflessness, integrity, and a constant pursuit of excellence is what makes a good man.  I live by that now.

Now that i'm a gym owner, husband, uncle, and athlete I apply my mothers work ethic, the military's lessons, and the fact that I want to be a positive role model to my nieces and nephews to try my best to take Coast Range and change Gilroy for the better.


How has this off season gone, and are you excited as we get closer to the 2016 Open?

I've taken my training in my own hands this year.  I want to be able to blame only myself if I don't make it this year and that has really made me step my game up this year! I'm fired up and ready for the season!



What do the CrossFit Super Regionals mean to athletes, and how has it effected you specifically being in the very competitive California region?

There's no more messing around that's for sure.  I was talking about this very thing with one of my athletes the other day.  I look at it like playing in the NFL compared to high school.  You've got to deal with the aches and pains, the little injuries and tweaks.  I'm not doing this to be healthy and stay in shape.

I'm a professional athlete and I think realizing that has really helped me push through this year.  Also understanding that there is always someone right behind you ready to take your spot, just like in the NFL, you have to be on it 24/7 has really inspired me this year to do all those little things I may have not done before.  So I think the super regionals is an amazing thing, especially for me as an athlete to get myself to that next level!

The last time you qualified for the Games was 2013. What is different from then to now, and what have these last two years taught you?

 In 2013 I was in the fire academy full time and working out once a day.  That was okay back then... Not anymore!

This has to be your full time job now! The volume is out of this world, the recovery is 24/7 and the mental training is just as important as the physical.

I've been working this year with my mental coach Bob Fystro who has really helped me take my training to the next level! 


What should we expect from Wes Piatt in 2016?

A podium spot! 


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