ASRX has gone MIA

It’s been a few years since we’ve went to an event outside the CrossFit Games. A big change from the first several years of the company when we traveled arguably more than any other company in the CrossFit community. Needless to say we needed to take a breather from sitting behind a booth and slanging tee shirts to instead organize the company. The years we went to events we saw just about everything from blazing heat, pouring rain, and even a handful of outdoor events that were far below freezing. We’ve seen great events and some that were, well… interesting. Over all we loved the idea of being a grassroots brand that showed support to everyone we could and we were sad we had to take time off to focus on the business.

However, last weekend we stepped away from our desks, walked outside of the gym and made our way to Miami for WODAPALOOZA. This time though we did something different… we didn’t have a booth. Nope, we went to simply enjoy the event, talk to others in the Industry, drop in to local gyms and go an epic party hosted by our friends a FITAID. This was new territory for us, we almost felt lost not having a booth to set up, but after a couple days in Miami we got used to being spectators and watching our athletes kick ass at the sport that we love. It was a great experience to be able to watch an event from the stands and really got us motivated to start being more involved with local events again.

There really couldn’t have been a much better event to attend. The guys at WODAPALOOZA really know how to put on a great festival and despite there being a monsoon on day one, the event was pulled off without a hitch. We wanted to thank the WODAPALOOZA crew, FITAID, and all the amazing affiliates we dropped in to for being great hosts. Its been a long time since we’ve been on the East Coast and can assure you all that this is only the start of much more traveling from ASRX. 

If you are hosting a local event, and are interested in a sponsorship by ASRX please visit our event page by CLICKING HERE


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