Basic Needs

Maslow must have been a CrossFitter.  A mere 73 years ago he proposed that we, as humans, have 5 basic needs: Physiological, safety, love/belonging, esteem and self-actualization.  When looking at a community based training program, individual needs must be met for sustainability.  It must cultivate a sense of togetherness.  It should offer a safe haven for emotions and physicality.  And it should most certainly build individuals up daily to be their highest potential of self.  This is CrossFit.

Thousands of CrossFit “boxes” work towards achieving this community atmosphere daily.  We strive for more than workouts.  We teach members that it’s ok to embrace flaws and it’s boasted upon to be excited for PRs and RXs big or small.  We lift each other up.  We support each other and encourage others to go beyond their basic needs and strive for greatness. CrossFit is a catharsis of sweat and emotion and I couldn’t image going through the journey without my supporters and more importantly my friends at my box.  Every person has their own journey and they may be on different chapters than you. The beauty of the CrossFit community is that we embrace it all, authentically. 

A lot of online “fitness” programming has become the latest rage recently.  That’s awesome that people are wanting to improve their fitness, however, I feel that it lacks certain qualities for those eager individuals to grow and sustain their fitness.  First, It’s too impersonal.  As the owner of CrossFit Polydamas, I know my members, I make it a point to get a little from them each WOD.  Whether it be asking how their family is doing or what’s going on with their job.  They matter to me. Secondly, there is no push when the world goes dark. Your knee deep into hero WOD DT and have 1 round left. The bar is heavy AF and you want to quit, but NO, you see my face saying, “Pick it up, Lets go!”. Adrenaline kicks in and you power through to the finish proud of yourself that you made it through hell and back.  Lastly, with online programming and at-home workouts, there is no community.  Yes you may be a part of a Facebook group or some email chain list but you don’t meet your workout buddie and talk about your day or pep each other up for the workout, even help coach each other through never ending toes 2 bar or grabbing dinner post WOD.  This is bonding. This is your basic needs being met, all through your CrossFit community.  So embrace your link-minded individuals.  They are your saving grace and you are theirs.  Lift each other up and show the rest of the world the beauty in which we live in.

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