Introducing ASRX™ Reward Points

We are happy to introduce ASRX™ Reward Points to our customers. With this new feature you will be rewarded for a variety of activities from making a purchase to referring a friend to our site. Below is a guide on how to get started and get the most out of creating an ASRX™ Rewards Account.

Creating an account:

Click the 'Rewards Points' tab in the bottom right hand corner of your browser.

After clicking the tab, a window will appear with information about the program. If you have a customer account with you can simply click, Log In. From here you can login to your account. If you do not have an account click, Sign Up. This will prompt you to make a customer account.

Congratulations your account is now set up.

Let's explore how to earn points and start receiving rewards.

Ways to Earn Points:

If you click the Earn Points tab on the left of the pop-up window you will see there are three options to earn points.

  1. Make A Purchase - Receive 5 pts. for each $1 spent on Don't worry if you've made a purchase in the last 3 months we will apply those points for you.
  2. Sign up for our mailing list - Receive 50 pts for simply signing up to our mailing list if you haven't already. By signing up you will receive product & news updates as well as exclusive offers.
  3. Refer a friend - Receive 500 pts. each time you refer a friend via Facebook, Twitter, or email who spends over $30 on

Now that you are earning points, let's look at how to redeem them.

Redeeming your points:

Redeeming your points is quick and simple. Make sure that you are logged into your account and click the Reward Points tab in the bottom right of your browser. 

In the pop up window you will see your points total as well as what you have qualified to redeem. To redeem a gift simply click on what you wish to receive and a code will be generated to use at checkout. 

We are continuing to find ways to say thank you for being a loyal customer of ASRX™. We hope you enjoy this new program!


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