The Origins of the WODKILLA

 There are probably a lot of people out there that don’t realize that the word WODKILLA was first muttered years ago in a old warehouse where the other two founders and myself lived and worked full time. The dogs Daisy and Duke, a Pit Bull and very large Rottweiler, pretty much ran the place and lets just say that our makeshift home might not have met all the proper fire and health code requirements. Our bedroom was three mattresses on the floor of an old loft with broken out windows and was used to store car parts by the previous occupant. Our kitchen was the burrito place down the street. It wasn’t glamorous, but for almost two years it was home.

During one of the many weeks living in the warehouse a good friend of ours from Hawaii, Erik “Dirty” Alvarzez, came to visit. Erik rarely had a loss for words and when we asked him if he had any shirt ideas he without hesitation said, “How about a shirt with an AK47 on it, above it put WODKILLA”. Finding this idea to be as funny as it was genius we decided to print a few (mainly because we wanted some for ourselves). In only a few days it was obvious more than just the three of us liked this design and soon we could not keep them on our shelves. 

As the years went by the design of the gun has changed, but the message always remains the same. When you go to the gym be ready to kill your workout. Show it no mercy.

Now, nearly five years and several gun alterations later our WODKILLA design has become a symbol of the CrossFit community and still today remains part of our core product line. 


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