Living Life ASRX™ | Leighton Brillo-Sonnino by Aaron Bratkovics

Being a dedicated CrossFit™ athlete while also being a full time student can be an extremely difficult task, considering much time each one takes out of your everyday life.

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Living Life ASRX™ | Cassie Beaudry


At the beginning of the year we reached out to a few photographers to help us tell the stories of people in our community that truly Live Life ASRX™. One of the first we reached out to was a good friend Rob C. Wilson. You may recognize his work from the CrossFit™ Instagram, mainsite, or SnoRidge CrossFit. When asked to participate in this project he without hesitation said he knew exactly who he wanted to feature. 

Rob has given us a chance to take a look inside the life of Cassie Beaudry. Someone who is sure to inspire each and every one of you...

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