The Pretty Little Lifters are #PinkRedefined

We are guessing a majority of you already know who The Pretty Little Lifters are. For those of you who do not know we will give you a little background information on them. The Pretty Little Lifters are two amazingly strong women by the names of Tiffany Angulo and Rose White. These ladies crossed paths at Brick CrossFit in Los Angeles and combined their passions for training hard, lifting heavy, living a healthy lifestyle, and created The Pretty Little Lifters.

Tiffany was born & raised in Southern California where she later went to USC for her Master's in Teaching. She now teaches 1st grade as well as working the front desk at Brick CrossFit. I guess you can say Tiffany is a pretty busy girl!

Rose, an East Coast girl, grew up in an active lifestyle. She competed in half marathons and sprint triathlons in high school. Eventually she found CrossFit™ her freshman year in college, later transferring to USC in Los Angeles where she joined Brick CrossFit. Ultimately receiving a degree in Human Biology with an emphasis on Exercise Science, she became a Certified CrossFit™ coach, and now coaches at Brick CrossFit.

We had the chance to catch up with these strong women and ask them some questions about relating to our #PinkRedefined campaign. You can check out their answers below.

1. What do you think CrossFit has done to change the the public's view on beauty?

CrossFit has completely changed the public's view on beauty. Instead of pressuring women to be skinny, CrossFit celebrates women that are hard working, disciplined, strong, powerful, and fast. It has expanded the public's definition of beauty and has proven that strong is sexy.

2. What changes have you personally seen in females who have started CrossFitting at your gym?

An increase in confidence is the biggest change we see in female CrossFitters at our gym. There is nothing more exciting than cheering on an athlete after she gets her first pull up, deadlifts her body weight, or kicks up to a handstand. These small victories build self-confidence in these women and motivate them to work harder and set bigger goals for themselves.

3. What do you think the future holds for young females that are getting into CrossFit?

We are so excited for the younger generation of females that are starting CrossFit. Building a foundation of strength at such a young age as well as being a part of a community with such positive views towards women will be so powerful for these young girls. It will help them through those years where society pressures get heavy and they can build a healthy view of themselves.  

4. What goals do you have personally when it comes to changing the public's view on women?

To put it simply, we want to dispel the myth that "lifting makes you bulky or manly". This is one of the main reasons so many women are scared to pick up the barbell. We want to show the public that lifting heavy weights and being a part of a community like CrossFit not only makes you a healthier individual overall, it makes you look good too! Like we say, "Lift heavy. Play Pretty."

5. Who is a female that inspires you and why?

A female that inspires us is Chelsey Hughes from Brick Crossfit! She is such an incredible athlete and we have seen her grow as a competitive CrossFitter over the past few years. Chelsey is one of the most dedicated and disciplined people we know as well as the nicest! We've gotten to cheer her on during the Open, Regionals, and the CrossFit Games! She's not afraid to get out of her comfort zone and is a strong, beautiful woman!

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