Jaquelyn Kastelic is #PinkRedefined


Jaquelyn Kastelic, with a career in fitness, has been an active competitor in Professional Bikini, Grace and Physique, and has now found a home at CrossFit Unrivaled. She is the co-owner/head coach, but that doesn't slow her down from being a BodyBuilding.com spokesmodel and ASRX Ambassador. I guess you can say she has done it all and continues to bridge the gap between CrossFit™ and the more mainstream fitness world.

In our eyes Jackie is one of the best examples we could think of a woman that is truly #PinkRedefined. Lucky for us we had the chance to get her insight on the women of today, and what she believes is in store for the future...

1. What do you think CrossFit has done to change the the public's view on beauty?

As a community that is growing like crazy, we are finding more and more women wanting to join CrossFit. They want "round shoulders," "abs," they want to "be strong." I was a personal trainer for years at a typical globo style gym where all my female clients coming in just wanted to lose weight, they didn't want to look "bulky." I am seeing that change, I am hearing less and less women wanting to lose weight, instead wanting to "get strong" and "feel good." We are embracing all shapes and sizes, we are finding beauty in what our bodies can do, in new PR's, in climbing the rope for the first time.....

2. What changes have you personally seen in females who have started CrossFitting at your gym?

(Basically the same as above)

The biggest change I have seen (and one I am really proud of) is that when the females ask me about nutrition they tell me that their goal isn't to lose weight, that they aren't concerned with the numbers on the scale but that they want to get stronger, they want to get their first pull up and want to feel better.

Scales are evil. I preach this all the time. I also preach nutrition and it's affect on your workouts, training and hitting PR's, not just to the women, but I do think that society has taught women that you must be at a certain weight, hit a certain number on that scale and then you can feel good....I am so happy that is changing!

3. What do you think the future holds for young females that are getting into CrossFit?

The sky's the limit! I think it's amazing that so many younger athletes are getting involved with CrossFit. It gives young woman a new way to shape healthy habits early in life.

4. What goals do you have personally when it comes to changing the public's view on women?

That lifting heavy isn't going to make you look like a man. It's going to empower you, it's going to surprise you (you'll do things you didn't even realize you could) and it's going to give you a body that you'll be proud of.

5. Who is a female that inspires you and why?

My little sister. She's always been stronger than me. She was a gymnast growing up and I was always in awe of her strength. She has 6 kids yet she can out squat, deadlift and bench press me and she is the same size as I am which makes it even more impressive! And the fact that she has 6 kids, I don't know how she balances everything but she does! She's a great role model to her 5 boys and 1 girl, they know their mom is a tough cookie!

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